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Update page: 3/04/2022


VPN Client Compatibility Test

The VPN Client is a product offering a VPN (Virtual Private Network) IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) client service. An IPSec VPN client allows the establishment of a secure connection with an IPSec gateway through which pass encrypted flows that are protected in confidentiality and integrity.

Freemindtronic carries out compatibility tests with its technologies at the request of its partners.

We perform two types of bottom-up and top-down functional testing.




Freemindtronic technology tested compatible

Test date: 22/04/2022 

Freemindtronic technology tested: EviToken, EviCypher Legacy, EviVault 

Link product:

Windows Enterprise Certified VPN Client
Enterprise Edition
Certified version 6.52 CC EAL3+

Windows Standard VPN Client
Standard Edition
Version 6.87.108

Windows Enterprise VPN Client
Enterprise Edition
Version 6.87.108

macOS VPN Client
Standard Edition
Version 1.2

Android VPN Client
Standard Edition
Version 5.11

Linux VPN Client Ubuntu
Standard Edition
Version 2.1 for Ubuntu

Reference: 2014/89
Certification date: 10/12/2014
Source of the certificate:

Category: Networking Products
Repository: Common Criteria version 3.1r3
Level: EAL3+
Augmentations: ALC_FLR.3, AVA_VAN.3
Protection Profile: PP VPNC
Developer(s) / Sponsor(s): TheGreenBow / TheGreenBow
Assessment Center: Oppida
Recognition Agreements: SOG-IS – CCRA

Backward compatibility testing, also known as backward compatibility, is used to validate Freemindtronic’s solutions. We test the performance of our latest hardware, software, application, extension, peripheral solutions with old systems (computers, information, telecommunications, messaging, networks, web browsers, communication protocols).

Product used for testing:

Operating System:

  • Windows 11
  • Linux Ubuntu

Android NFC Application:

Extension for web navigator:


  • Inputstick virtual keyboard bluetooth

NFC Phone Android:

  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • Evicypher extension autologin: It works
  • Evicypher autologin mobile: Works for password not for user
  • Inputstick: It works

The TheGreenBow webpage login is compatible with the extension to autocomplete the username and password. This extension can be found in the chrome web store and is compatible with all the freemindtronic cards.

This helps the users increase their security as the user no longer needs to remember the password nor the user and there can be longer strings to make it harder for an attacker to get the credentials.

Furthermore, the login from the mobile can be also autofilled with the android application, making easier to the user to put their credentials.

In sum, evicypher can be used to store the credentials and the keys of the customers in order to increase their security.