EviVault Technology Cold Wallet securely stores compatible recovery seeds

What is a recovery seed with EviVault Technology?

The recovery sentence consists of a sequence of words (12, 15, 18, 21 or 24).

It is extremely important because it allows the recovery of funds in the event of device loss or theft. This is why it must be stored in a very secure way.

Our solution allows to save these words completely offline. They will be kept only in your EviVault and will never be connected to the internet.

Save encrypted up to 64 mnemonic  sentences (Bip39) for at least 40 years, without the need for an energy source. This has the advantage of never exposing the private keys to the sight of the man.

The EviVault Cold Wallet technology embedded in the allows secure sharing of private, public and seed phrase keys, passwords

Personal encryption system

A new secured way to share your private keys, compatible with all messenger services, SMS, social networks.

Available anywhere, anytime, just one touch between your NFC smartphone and your cold wallet EviVault.

Encrypt your data with your contact public key and send them to him through QR code. He just has to scan the QR code to decrypt data.

It’s very simple, fast and easy to use. 

EviVault Technology hardware Wallet

EviVault stores all private keys issued from Bitcoin or Ethereum.

EviVault can also store IOTA private keys.

It allows you to save recovery phrases very quickly and easily. To know more click here.

Private keys are stored encrypted in EviVault’s Eprom memory. No data is present, either in the smartphone, the computer or a remote server.

The EviVault device works physically isolated from networks, it is an Air Gap system.

The address is automatically generated for the following active crypto.

Bitcoin BTC Ethereum Cash ECASH Namecoin NMC
Bitcoin cash BCC Ethereum Classic ETC ReddCoin RDD
Bitcoin Gold BTG Ethereum Gold ETG Ripple XRP
Dash DASH Ethereum lite ELITE Solar Coin SLR
Digibyte DGB Feather Coin FTC Stellar XLM
Dogecoin DOGE IOTA Verge XVG
Ethereum ETH Litecoin LTC TRON


It is an all-in-one password manager, secure offline.
In addition, it has a random generator to create complex and complicated passwords. They can record up to 48 characters.

First and foremost, the use is very simple. It is also very fast to log in, register or change your credentials.

It saves everything that can be used to authenticate a person whose fingerprints.

In addition, it saves the original favorite sites, offline. Thus, it can effectively fight against phishing.

Finally, these NFC hardware device embark on a secure offline auto login and auto-fill system. This system is used via a chromium plugin and/or via a secure USB Bluetooth virtual keyboard called EviKeyboard.

Multilingual application


The appplication is translated into 13 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish

The app installs automatically in the language of the smartphone.

EviVault Technology is Eco-Friendly

The environment is a concern for Fullsecure. The design of all its products is made in this spirit.