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Freemindtronic startup of the month March 2013

freemindtronic startup of the month march 2013 Magazine ElectroniqueS electronics.biz argos one nfc Page 36 invente une technologie de protection dynamique invents dynamic protection technology

Freemindtronic Startup of the month march 2013 by ElectroniqueS magazine & electroniques.biz

Freemindtronic invents a technology to dynamically protect electronic systems

The Toulouse-based start-up has set itself the mission of implementing a technology that allows for secure, unfalsifiable event traceability of electronic systems. It is of particular interest to insurance companies.
The Toulouse-based start-up Freemindtronic, founded in 2010, has set itself the mission of implementing a technology called “Fullprotect” that protects electronic systems from electrical or environmental risks and records all random events in a “black box” called “Evidence Box”. This technology allows for unfalsifiable secure event traceability and is of particular interest to insurance companies that are willing to promote the technology to their members. Protected by an international patent, this technology is “unprecedented and unique in the world.” It offers “dynamic, intelligent, interactive” protection in the sense of M2M (Machine to Machine) but also IHM (Human-Machine Interaction), and not passive like that usually present in electronic devices.
The company was founded by Jacques Gascuel, inventor of the “Fullprotect” technology for which he was awarded the Silver Medal of Innovation at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2010 in the categories of electricity, electronics, computer, communication, multimedia. The device comes in the form of an electronic module, intended to be later integrated on silicon, which is associated with a “black box”. It has a communication system based on NFC technology and an accelerometer. The proliferation of NFC readers in mobile phones have thus allowed a wide variety of applications. Examples include the possibility of recovering information about the life of electronic systems, setting a limited duration of use for a product, knowing its actual duration of use or its remaining warranty duration, or enslaving a product to become an anti-theft device.

Argos One NFC Smart Safety Electrical Hardware with Black Box electronics & embedded system by freemindtronic Andorra

Providing evidence at a level of evidence

It incorporates three elements: an electronic circuit breaker, a para-surge device and the “Evidence Box” black box. The circuit breaker maintains the conditions for the proper operation of the electronic system. Once the operating parameters are defined (tension, current, temperature, shocks and others), it automatically regulates voltage and current and protects the device in the event of a passing of these criteria. The short-circuit control para-surge device adds an alternative to the existing para-on-voltage device. Finally, the “Evidence Box” records all actions and events that occurred outside the parameters defined by the hardware manufacturer. It irrefutably formalizes physical evidence at a level of evidence, hence its name. The device can therefore be used in a legal dispute in the case of a dispute that causes litigation and thus absolve the user or manufacturer (or both parties) of the liability related to the injury. It guarantees the durability of electronic devices since it includes a traceability of many events, such as time of use, temperature, shock, electrical failure, type of use and user…

Excerpt from the article by Mr. Jacques Marouani journalist of the magazine Electronics ” Freemindtronic Startup of the month march 2013″.

Freemindtronic was one of the 4 finalists for the 16th “Electrons d’Or” 2013 trophy organized for 24 years by Electronics. Click here for more information.

You can also read the full article “Freemindtronic Startup of the month march 2013  in the March 2013” issue of this magazine via the website of www.electroniques.biz.

Argos One NFC was invented by Jacques Gascuel using his patent issued internationally under numbers FR2941572 on a device for monitoring and protecting the power supply of an electrical appliance and the process for implementing this device.

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Startup of the month March 2013

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