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DataShielder Defense NFC HSM: Protect Your Sovereign Communications

DataShielder Defense NFC HSM Protect your Sovereign Communications by Freemindtronic Andorra
DataShielder Defense NFC HSM – Jacques Gascuel: This article will be updated with any new information on the topic.

Why You Need DataShielder Defense NFC HSM

DataShielder Defense NFC HSM, a patented solution, ensures maximum confidentiality and anonymization of communications from sovereign entities. Using NFC technology, this HSM manages up to 200 secrets offline, contactless and shareable via any communication method, including email and SMS. A GreenTech innovation, it is interoperable, backward compatible and versatile, designed to immediately respond to various specific needs and customizable for enhanced secret security.

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DataShielder Defense NFC HSM: How to Protect Your Sovereign Communications with a Revolutionary Solution

The protection of sovereign entities and the enhancement of existing defense and intelligence systems are crucial challenges in today’s world. Sovereign communications, such as those between heads of state, diplomats, military personnel, or secret agents, are constantly exposed to threats of interception, hacking, or manipulation. These threats can compromise the security, integrity, and confidentiality of sensitive information, and have serious consequences for national and international security.

To address these challenges, a revolutionary solution has been developed by Freemindtronic, a andorran company specialized in data security and encryption. This solution is called DataShielder Defense NFC HSM, and it is the ultimate solution for protecting all forms of communications of sovereign entities. This innovative and cutting-edge solution, protected by two patents, guarantees an unparalleled level of confidentiality and trust among humans, without compromise. With DataShielder, your secrets and sensitive data remain inaccessible and indecipherable, even in case of compromise of the equipment and information and communication systems.

In this article, we will explain how DataShielder Defense NFC HSM works, what are its features and benefits, and how it can be customized to suit your specific needs. We will also show how this solution could have influenced several major events in the history of communication security, and how it has received international recognition and awards for its excellence.

How DataShielder Defense NFC HSM Works

DataShielder Defense NFC HSM is a device that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to create, store, and use up to 100 different secrets in a single device. A secret can be anything that you want to protect, such as an encryption key, a password, a PIN code, a cryptocurrency key, a bank account information, or a message. DataShielder allows you to share your encrypted secrets via all the means of communication available in the world, such as postal mail, webcam, email, SMS, MMS, RCS, messaging, or directly between two NFC HSM devices.

To use DataShielder, you need an Android NFC phone or tablet, and the DataShielder app, which is available for free on the Google Play Store. You also need a DataShielder Defense NFC HSM device, which is a small and discreet card that can be customized to fit different formats and accessories. The device does not require any battery or external power source, as it uses the energy of the NFC signal of the phone to operate on demand.

To create a secret, you simply need to tap your phone on the device, and choose the type of secret you want to create. You can either generate a random secret, or import an existing one. You can also add specific trust criteria for each secret, such as BSSID, geographical area, password, fingerprint, QR code or barcode scan, and phone UID. The absence of any of these criteria makes the access to the secret impossible, ensuring maximum and personalized security.

To use a secret, you simply need to tap your phone on the device, and choose the secret you want to use. You can either use it directly on your phone, or send it to another device or person. You can also use the secret to unlock secure USB or SSD keys, to log in to your favorite websites, to make secure voice calls and SMS, to manage your banking information, to generate and use cryptocurrency wallets, and more.

To share a secret, you simply need to tap your phone on the device, and choose the secret you want to share. You can either share it directly with another NFC HSM device, or encrypt it with the RSA-4096 public key of the recipient, and send it via any means of communication. The recipient will need to decrypt the secret with their NFC HSM device, using the EviSCP HSM (ZKP) protocol, which is a patented technology that ensures a secure and confidential exchange of secrets.

Differentiating Benefits of DataShielder Defense NFC HSM

DataShielder Defense NFC HSM offers a complete and adaptable solution to your needs, thanks to the set of advanced and efficient features that it incorporates. These features are based on different technologies, each with a specific name and function. Here is a summary of the main features and benefits of DataShielder:


Feature Technology Function Benefit
Random generation of symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys EviCypher NFC HSM Encrypt all types of data (texts, images, videos) in post-quantum AES-256. Use the RSA-4096 public key to exchange encrypted secrets between distant NFC devices. Protect your data and secrets from unauthorized access and decryption, even in case of quantum computing attacks.
Random generation of identifiers and passwords EviPass NFC HSM Generate automatically complex and complicated passwords up to 48 characters based on the 95 ASCII characters, or on bases 16, 58, 64 or 85. Import and store manually login identifiers, PIN codes, PUK, lock codes, TPM2.0 passwords, BitLocker… Log in automatically to your favorite websites. Secure your online accounts and devices with strong and unique passwords. Save time and avoid typing errors with automatic login.
Create a segmented key EviAuth NFC HSM Divide your secret into two segments and store them on two different NFC HSM devices. Require the presence of two people to reconstitute the secret. Increase the security and confidentiality of your secret by adding a human factor. Prevent the access to the secret by a single person or device.
Management of secret OTP keys EviOTP NFC HSM Store securely the secret OTP keys whose one-time passwords based on time (TOTP) or HMAC (HOTP) to generate a secondary authentication factor (2FA). Enhance the security of your online accounts and services with a second factor of authentication. Avoid the risk of losing or compromising your OTP keys.
Secure voice calls and SMS EviCall NFC HSM Store your phone contacts and make a voice call from the NFC HSM without leaving any trace in the phone history. Communicate securely and discreetly with your contacts. Avoid the interception and recording of your voice calls and SMS.
Secure management of banking information EviPay NFC HSM Store, manage and use securely the information related to credit cards and bank accounts. Protect your financial information and transactions from fraud and theft. Access and use your banking information easily and securely.
Unlocking of secure USB or SSD keys without contact EviKey NFC HSM Manage the administrator, user and temporary user PIN codes to unlock the secure USB/SSD keys without contact. Secure your external and internal storage with a contactless unlocking system. Manage the access rights and permissions of the USB/SSD keys.
Generation of cryptocurrency wallets EviSeed NFC HSM Automatically and directly create from a blockchain the secret BIP39 key, its derived key, its public key and the public address. The balance verification is done directly on the blockchain. Create and use cryptocurrency wallets securely and conveniently. Store your cryptocurrency keys in an inviolable and encrypted manner. Verify your balance directly on the blockchain.
Automatic import of private keys EviVault NFC HSM Import derived private keys by scanning their QR codes from five blockchain platforms including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and IOTA. Create and save also the BIP39 PassPhrases. Import and use private keys from different blockchain platforms easily and securely. Scan the QR codes and store the keys in an encrypted manner. Create and save also the BIP39 PassPhrases.
Management of authentication cards EviCore NFC HSM Scan and store the barcode or QR code of any type of card that uses this type of identification (access cards, loyalty cards sometimes linked to a payment system). Store and use authentication cards securely and conveniently. Scan the barcode or QR code and store it in an encrypted manner.
NFC HSM pairing key manager EviCore NFC HSM Manage the NFC HSM fleet within a sovereign entity. Manage and control the NFC HSM devices within your organization. Assign and revoke pairing keys for the devices.
Data encryption EviCrypt NFC HSM Encrypt your texts and files upstream before sending them to your recipients using your usual messaging services. Encrypt your data before sending it via any means of communication. Ensure that only the intended recipients can decrypt and access your data.
Use on all computer systems EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension Use your NFC HSM with the free Freemindtronic browser extension based on Chromium and Firefox. Find the DataShielder NFC HSM functions on all your computers. Use your NFC HSM on any computer system.
Use of a virtual USB Bluetooth keyboard EviKeyboard BLE Use a virtual keyboard for secure and discreet input. Extend the use of secrets in HID mode on various computer systems, TPM2.0, BitLocker, Windows, Linux, Apple, proprietary software and web browsers. Don’t touch the keyboard. Enter a free line of code up to 52 characters. Entering BIOS passwords. Easy to use

Stealth Customization Options

The manufacturer Freemindtronic offers a customization service specially designed for sovereign entities, combining discretion and functionality.

Discreet Formats: Modified standard PVC and PCB cards for effective camouflage.

Stealth Accessories: Labels, key rings, promotional pens, and cufflinks subtly integrating NFC HSM devices.

USB Dummy Keys: Mini USB keys functioning as secret containers for the NFC HSM devices.

NFC On/Off Card: PCB cards with switchable NFC antenna for increased stealth.

These options guarantee invisible security, ideal for special operations and covert missions.

Complementary Accessories

  • Secure NFC EviKey USB and SSD Keys: These devices offer secure external and internal storage, perfectly integrated with DataShielder NFC HSM for enhanced data protection.
  • Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard EviKeyboard BLE: An innovative keyboard for secure and discreet input, complementing the DataShielder NFC HSM by an additional layer of security in data entry.

International Distinctions and Awards

The EviCypher NFC HSM technology, essential to DataShielder, has received worldwide recognition, marked by several important awards.

  • Gold Medal 2021 of the Geneva Inventions: EviCypher Technology awarded among hundreds of international inventions.
  • Three Global InfoSec Awards 2021: Awarded for being the best data security solution by Cyber Defense Magazine “Next-Gen in Crypto Security”, “Most Innovative Hardware Password Manager”, “Next-Gen in Secrets Management”.
  • Two E&T Innovation Awards 2021: Distinguished for the best communication and IT solution, as well as for the best cybersecurity solution.
  • Two nominations for the National Cyber Awards 2021 of the United Kingdom: Finalist in two categories “The Innovation in Cyber Award 2021” and “The Cyber Defense Product of the Year 2021”.
  • Gold Globee Award 2022: Cyber Computer NFC winner of a Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®.
  • Fortress Award 2023: Awarded for its excellence in encryption and privacy protection.


DataShielder Defense NFC HSM is a revolutionary solution for protecting your sovereign communications. It offers a high level of security, confidentiality, and trust, without compromise. It is compatible with all types of data and communication means, and can be customized to suit your specific needs. It is also environmentally friendly, durable, and interoperable. It has received international recognition and awards for its excellence and innovation. If you are looking for a solution that can protect your secrets and sensitive data from any threat, DataShielder Defense NFC HSM is the solution for you. Contact Freemindtronic today and get your DataShielder Defense NFC HSM device. You will not regret it.