EviKeyboard BLE: Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard


EviKeyboard BLE fonctional schema type inputstick utility virtual keyboard


How it works


EviKeyboard BLE technology ensures a real-time transfer of secrets between your NFC Android phone and the computer. EviKeyboard does not save the transferred secrets. It allows you to type nothing on the keyboard.

  • An InputStick Bluetooth USB product
  • An NFC HSM with EviKeyBoard technology
  • The InputStick utility app for NFC Android phone
  • The Freemindtronic app for NFC Android phone

InputStick utility app:

  1. Download InputStick utility from Play Store click [here]
  2. Install the app
  3. Activate the security by adding a password of more than 12 hexadecimal characters

Freemindtronic Android NFC app:

  1. Download Freemindtronic app from Play Store click [here]
  2. Install the app

EviKeyboard BLE is very easy to use. It does not imply special knowledge, nor knowledge of a long series of rules to be observed. Dont use the computer keyboard and stay in security.