Cyber Computer Manual

by Freemindtronic


Software beta

OS: Windows
Last version 1.0.1
February 25, 2022


The working principle of a Cyber Computer is to automatically physically and digitally isolate the data of a computer system.

The first working prototype of the Cyber Computer NFC Desktop was presented to audiences at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. It was implemented in a Kubb computer manufactured by the company Bleujour.

This operating guide is of course not the final version. It is a functional version that allows a large number of operations to be carried out.

This is the main window of cyber computer app. Here you have all functionalities (the green box) and all drives/partitions (red box) divided in removable devices as pen drives or external hard disk and local devices as data partitions and the operating system partition.

Regarding the functionalities cyber computer has 6 main functionalities:

  • Enable Bitlocker
  • Lock drives with Bitlocker
  • Unlock drives with Bitlocker
  • Disable Bitlocker
  • Refresh Devices
  • Backup


Bitlocker can be enabled in 2 different ways:

  • Using the NFC technology (yellow button) to get the ID of the passed NFC device.
  • Storing the key to encrypt the device in a different drive. The drive to store the key must be selected in the left green button before clicking “Enable Bitlocker with Path”

After that in the selected drive will appear an open padlock.

Once bitlocker is enabled, cyber computer allows to lock the drive to disable the access. You just have to click on the desired drive and click in the green button “Lock Bitlocker”.

 After that in the selected drive will appear a closed padlock.

The locked devices can be unlocked clicking on the yellow button if bitlocker was enabled using the NFC technology, otherwise you can unlock bitlocker using the key stored in a different drive.

 After that in the selected drive will appear an open padlock.

You can also disable bitlocker for the selected drive clicking on the green button “Disable Bitlocker”

 After that in the selected drive the padlock will disappear.


The last functionality of cyber computer is the backup. To perform a backup, you have to click on the desired drive to backup (yellow box) and select where to store the backup (orange box).

Then you have many options: lock devices (source, destination or both), eject (if it is a removable device) and shutdown the computer after the backup.