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NFC Card Cold Wallet Keepser recto verso


Technical specifications

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Freemindtronic licensed products

Compatible technologies

EviVault & EviToken

Compatible products 

Keepser, Keepser Premium, Keepser Premium+, Keepser PASS, Keepser PRO, Keepser PRO+, KCW PASS, KCW PRO, KCW PRO+, Personal Safe Clone, Expert Safe Clone

Time to retain data in Eprom memory without electrical energy

40 years

Number of records cycles guaranteed 

MTBF – MTTF 1,000,000 writes at 25°C without error

Battery-free functional energy

NFC signal energy recovery via phone signal  (NFC terminal) Energy harvesting

Communication protocol

NFC  (ISO / IEC 15693) / Compatible (ISO / IEC 14443)

Terminal compatible

NFC Android phone or tablet

Type of terminal operating system

Android from version 6 and following

Type of operation


Typical composition of a Keeps

  • Name + username + password
  • Name +bank card information
  • Name + loyalty card information
  • Name + private crypto currency key
  • Name + mnemonic phrase BIP39

Number of possible records

50 or 100

Maximum number of characters for the name of the Keeps

15 (dynamic optimization of characters number)

Number of total characters per Keeps

61 characters (name of  label + username + password)

Maximum number of characters for a credential password

48 characters

Anti-counterfeiting ECC BLS12-381 signature Read-only 

Number of RSA keys

1 RSA4906 (private key and public key)

Type of characters allowed ASCII (95 printable characters) – European ISO alpha digital – symbols

Eprom NFC encryption


Automatic connection compatibility to internet accounts Keepser Extension for web browsers Chrome, Opera, Brave, UC Browser, Vivaldi, Edge, Torch, Chromium

Physical security – digital


not available

Memory type


Access control and authentication

Depend of the models

Multi Authentication Factors by default: Connection Key, UIID Phone, Dynamic Encryption Key Extension, anticounterfeight key and some customisable: Administrator password, user password, BSSID, Geolocation, Phone digital fingerprint

Type of brute force protection

Depend of the models

3 default pin attempts before the NFC terminal is automatically disconnected

Number of attempts is configurable from 1 to 15 according to the models

Labels display time

Setable time from 5 seconds to 5 minuts according to the models

Individual access control by Keeps

Up to 5 setable authentication factors (MFA)

  • Password
  • Fingerprint
  • QRcode
  • Geolocation

Secure data sharing

Copy, backup, hardware cloning between devices by NFC only via a smartphone paired to the device, by NFC Beam, Nearby share and QR code, sending encrypted data by all types of messaging, including SMS or MMS

Type of authentication of the NFC terminal on local network

Dynamic encryption key

Type of data encryption

 AES 256 / RSA 4096 / ECC 256-512 bits

Physical security memory blocks

Multi passwords protection

Technical features of the resin

Flame resistance: 6,4 mm UL94 V-0
Thermal resistance: -60 to 200 degrees Celsius
Pressure resistance 1050 bars per mm2
Hardness level: 90 SHORE D


Physical properties

Minimum operating temperature

-40° F (-40 C)

Maximum operating temperature

+185° F (+85 C)

Protection index CEI EN 62262

Higher than ISO IP89K

Liquid resistance of the electronic components coating
  • Waterproof
  • Acid-resistant
  • Alkaline resistant
Material PCB FR4 High Tg 170
ISO/IEC NFC 15693 & ISO/IEC 18000-3 mode 1 Compatible 14443
Frequency 13.56 megahertz of ±7 kilohertz of carrier frequency
Distance RF reading/writing 0,8 to 2,5 inches (2 to 6 cm)
Format carte standard ISO CR80
Dimensions (inches) 3.37 X 2,125 (85.6 x 54 mm)
Thickness 0.4 inch (1 mm)
Weight (oz) around 0.35 (10 gr)
Colour Black, white, gold, silver



Freemindtronic (Andorra) or its licensee the  Syselec Group  (France)

REACH (SVHC concentration)


RoHS compliant


Intellectual property protections International

 3 Patents FR3063365FR3047099 – FR2941572 

Builder’s warranty

Freemindtronic Technologies and Product Guarantee click HERE to learn more.


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