Air Gap secrets management

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Air Gap secrets management by Freemindtronic Andorra.

The Importance of Air Gap secrets management

The challenge is to keep the secrets as long as possible, and that they are always accessible, in seconds, by authorized persons. The data must be non-repudiable.

The device must be scalable and easy to use, without batteries, without charge and without guarantee for life. It has a    multi-level access control of physical source confidence. It can be used  offline. It isskimmed from end to end from the device to the display as well as the sharing of secrets.

In addition, the device works for life without battery.

It is resistant to all types of environment, to immersion in liquids, X-rays, electrostatic, magnetic, electrical, thermal -40 to 85 degrees, mechanical stress. It also works under water, in wood or concrete.

Ideally, such a solution should also be favourable to the planet and should be ecologically favorable.

The device decentralizes the secrets of computer systems and information systems. The device has an autonomous energy security  system. It designed to be the best security system  and cyber security physical and digital. It is manageable and usable offline, without contact at the discretion of the administrator and/or the user.

Freemindtronic NFC devices have all the above features. In addition, they withstandbrute force attacks  from a distance  and nearby. A remote cyberattack  is physicallyimpossible. Indeed, the devices are physically not connected with thenetwork,  it communicates with the network only contactless, on demand, in an encrypted way. These are Air Gap devices.

How the Air Gap secrets management Works?

It’s a physical barrier, the Air Gap”! The device is not physically connected to a network! It has no physical connectors! It has no back door! One means of communication, NFC industrial technology! For more information click  

Wikipedia on Air Gap security

How does the devices work?

All operating guides are made in real-time video, and show that sensitive data can be recorded, read and shared in seconds, offline, without a server connection. Everything is done without contact, via an industrial NFC memory capable of keeping the data in its memory for 40 years, without the need for an electrical energy source. It is possible to perform more than a million writing cycles in these memories, without error.

  To learn more about how Freemindtronic’sNFC devices work,  watch the videos from theplaylist of the Freemindtronic  or  EviVaultchannel.

These videos include user guides for various products and services designed and manufactured on the basis of our  EviAlpha,  EviToken  and EviCyphertechnologies.

These devices are designed to store for life many types of secrets such as private cryptocurrency keys (Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-assets such as IOAT, Tron) and the Passphrases of Smart Contracts and Seed Recovery BIP39 as well as passwords and encryption keys in RSA 4096 and AES 256. 

To date, Freemindtronic’s NFC devices can generate the addresses of private keys for Solarcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum Gold, Ethereum Lite, Ethereumcash, Feathercoin, Stellar, Litecoin, Namecoin,

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