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EviCypher Universitat Andorra Training Cybersecurity

EviCypher Universitat Andorra Training Cybersecurity Fabrice Crasnier director research development Freemindtronic Andorra 11 12 May 2021

EviCypher Universitat Andorra First Training on EviCypher

First training on EviCypher was inaugurated in collaboration with  Universitat d’Andorra  on the theme “Cybersecurity, the key to telecommuting. When crime becomes digital”  RCP2021.

The training provided by  Fabrice CRASNIER,  Director of Research and Development at  Freemindtronic SL,  was theoretical and practical with interactive demonstrations with participants.

The number of participants allowed them to benefit from personalized attention and at the same time to ensure compliance with health measures in Andorra.

Who it is for

The course is aimed at teachers, students, IT professionals and anyone working in the field of IT security or sensitive data.

Regarding the practical part of the course

Participants will develop a mature audit that will allow them to assess the level of security of their information system.

As part of an information system engagement, participants discovered elements that lead to an understanding of the attack.

The training took place on 11 and 12 May at the University of Andorra.

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