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The EviDNS ZeroConf software developed by Freemindtronic thus makes it possible to quickly find your terminals such as NFC telephones connected on the same local network. It indicates the IP address and the port number of the terminal. This thus offers a better user experience for Linux, IoS, Microsoft.

What is EviDNS ZeroConf (Zero Configuration)?

Zeroconf (Zero-configuration networking) refers to a set of protocols allowing the automatic creation of an immediately usable IP network, without configuration or dedicated servers. The protocol assigns IPs (link-local) and allows the discovery of services.

EviDNS uses the DNS-SD (DNS-Service Discovery) protocol which is based on the use of mDNS (multicast DNS) which resolves host names to IP addresses within small networks that do not include a name server local.

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How do I install EviDNS ZeroConf from Freemindtronic?


Download the software click here

1) Download the software click here
2) Unzip the software to ZIP format
3) Click on the file (.exe) to start the program installation.
4) Even though the application is signed by Freemindtronic with “Comodo”, it is not recognized by windows. In fact the following message will appear on windows.
“Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has prevented an unrecognized application from starting. Running this application may put your computer at risk.”
Click on “additional information” a new window will appear.

EviDNS Zeroconf signed by Freemindtronic with Comodo it is not recognized by Windows Microsoft defender SmartScreen

5) Check that the file name appears in the window “freemindtronic_eviDNS-zeroconf_1.2.0_x64.exe” and that the editor name is “Freemindtronic SL”. Then you can click on the “Run anyway” button.

EviDNS Zeroconf check the signature software Freemintronic SL Editor Andorra

3) The installation program will run and display the following window.

choose the installation language evidns zeroconf by freemindtronic

The image above appears.
1) choose the installation language
2) press OK
1) Download the software click here
2) Click on the software to start the installation
The image above appears.
1) choose the installation language
2) press OK
1) Download the software corresponding to your operating system click here



Licence agreement
Before continuing with the installation, please read the license agreement.
If you agree with the terms of the license, you click on the checkbox “I understand and accept the terms of the license agreement”.
Then you can click on the next button.

EviDNS ZeroConf licence agreement from Freemindtronic

 Otherwise you click on “I do not accept the terms of the licence agreement”. 

After accepting the license agreement, the “ready to install” window appears on your screen.

Click on the “Install” button.

evidns zeroconf all ready install software from freemindtronic


At the end of the installation a window “End of EviDNS installation” will appear.
Click on the “Add firewall exception (recommended)” button.
This function allows communication on UDP port 5353.
This port is usually opened to detect devices in a network.
If the latter is closed. EviDNS will not work.
In fact, all software and/or applications developed by Freemindtronic working only with EviDNS will not work.

EviDNS ZeroConf add firewall exception software by Freemindtronic

After clicking on the “Add firewall exception” button we recommend that you do so. Now click on the “Finish” button.

EviDNS ZeroConf finish installation software by Freemindtronic



It is a software that can be easily uninstalled. Just use your operating system’s software manager and select “EviDNS”. Then the software will automatically uninstall from your computer.
The image below is an example of Windows 10.

EviDNS ZeroConf uninstall software OS Win10 by Freemindtronic



Open Source

The EviDNS ZeroConf software will be available as open source in early September 2021.
This software will continue to evolve to provide a better user experience and cyber security in information systems with Freemindtronic technologies.
EviDNS is compatible with all extensions developed by Freemindtronic for EviToKen and EviCypher technologies. 
Click here to read the EviDNS license 




Most frequently asked question

The software is free for life and all updates. It is available as open source.
We invite you to consult the EviDNS ZeroConf license by clicking here.





Freemindtronic Lab 
Jun 24, 2021
Licences links:

Link to the source code used to develop EviDns


All Freemindtronic software are signed

Click HERE to download the latest version of the software

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