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EviPro NFC Expo Smartcity: Discover the contactless security technology by Freemindtronic

A colorful illustration of the EviPro NFC Expo Smartcity World Congress with logos of sponsors and a smart city emerging from a smartphone.
A presentation at the EviPro NFC Expo Smartcity showcasing cyber security innovations.

EviPro NFC is a white label product that allows to secure secrets via NFC HSM modules. Freemindtronic, an innovative and pioneering company in the field of contactless security, presented this technology at the Smartcity Expo World Congress 2018. If you are interested in this technology, we invite you to come to our stand Hall P2, level0 street D stand 425.

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What is EviPro NFC presented at Expo Smartcity?

EviPro NFC is a white label product that allows to secure secrets (passwords, PIN codes, encryption keys, etc.) via NFC HSM (Hardware Security Module) modules. These modules are physical devices that store secrets in an encrypted way and protect them from any attempt of extraction or modification. They come in the form of keychains (NFC HSM Tag Keychain) or cards (NFC HSM Card) designed and manufactured by Freemindtronic.

Demo show in booth

How to use EviPro NFC presented at Expo Smartcity?

To use this technology, you just need to have an Android NFC phone and the Android NFC application developed by Freemindtronic. By passing the NFC HSM module under the phone, the user can display the secret, share it in RSA 40960 (a very robust asymmetric encryption algorithm) or use it directly on his phone or on a computer via a web extension paired with the phone serving as a terminal.

Cybersecurity conference by Jacques Gascuel

Benefits of EviPro NFC

EviPro NFC has several advantages over traditional solutions for storing secrets:

  • It works without server or database, which reduces costs and risks of hacking.
  • It works only without contact, which avoids compatibility or connectivity issues.
  • It is lifetime without battery, without maintenance and tamperproof and waterproof, which ensures its reliability and durability.
  • It uses an AES 256 encryption algorithm, recognized as one of the safest in the world, to encrypt the secrets stored in the EPROM memory of the NFC.
Use case

Why use EviPro NFC presented at Expo Smartcity?

This product is ideal for security agents who need to access sensitive buildings and premises. Indeed, with EviPro NFC Expo Smartcity, they can:

  • Manage and receive their secrets easily without having to memorize or write them down.
  • Access secure places using the NFC HSM to display the user in volatile memory to the security agent the secrets to access his surveillance place without leaving any trace of these secrets in the phone.
  • Share their secrets with their colleagues or superiors in a secure and controlled way.
  • No risk in case of loss, theft or attempted compromise of the NFC HSM module locked to access with more than 9 trust criteria serving as a multifactor authentication system. Knowing that the secrets contained in NFC HSM can be cloned, backed up in an encrypted way for later restoration in a new NFC HSM.
  • Benefit from a high level of security thanks to the physical and logical protection of the NFC HSM module encrypted in AES 256 with segmented key.

How to get EviPro NFC

EviPro NFC is a product marketed in white label by Fullsecure Andorra, a company specialized in the distribution of IT security solutions. To learn more about this technology or to place an order, you can contact Fullsecure Andorra at the following coordinates:

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    Meet us at the Smartcity Expo World Congress 2018

    If you are curious to discover EviPro NFC Expo Smartcity in action, we are waiting for you at our stand Hall P2, level0 street D stand 425. You will be able to test our technology, ask your questions and exchange with our team. We will be happy to welcome you and show you our contactless security solution.