EviSwap Manual

by Freemindtronic

How EviSwap Works Vcard with greentech technology for creating, modifying, exchanging and sharing your digital contacts for life, contactless and wireless. With one click, users can create contactless business cards on any NFC-enabled device available to them. It helps reduce waste. Since it gives a new use to NFC tickets, NFC cards, NFC tags and NFC labels.


Beta application

OS: Android Phone & Iphone
Last version: 1.0.0
vCard iso NFC Forum: Type 3
February 25, 2022


How EviSwap works principle developed is to allow the creation, modification and real-time use of the NDEF of ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 NFC devices. Thus the user can store non-sensitive data such as vCard/VCF. EviSwap also allows to store encrypted data and/or encryption tokens.

Everything is designed to automate as many complex operations as possible to greatly enhance the user experience. This is the principle of one-click action.

The first beta version is available under licence since 28 February 2022.

This manual will evolve as technical developments and services are added to EviSwap.

How EviSwap Works home page application for create contact vCard

How EviSwap Works home page application for create contact vCard Easy real time create contactless business card

How EviSwap Works home page application for create contact vCard Easy real time create contactless business card

This is the main “Dashboard” window of the EviSwap application to create a contactless business card using NFC technology.

You have all the functionalities directly accessible via the Dashboard to create, modify in real time various data formats stored in the NDEF (NFC Data exchange Format) memory area of an NFC device.

The first EviSwap service allows the creation of a Vcard file (Virtual Card File) with the extension .vcf (Virtual Contact File). This standardised file type is recognised by all computer and telephone systems. When a recipient opens a file with the .vcf extension via the NFC device, a contact registration form message opens and displays the contact information. The recipient then saves this contact to their phone or computer email services.

To make your own contactless business cards, you have a “Create Contact” button. It allows you to access a standard form compatible with the vCard standard.

vCard Form

How EviSwap Works for create the vCard with vcf extension by form

This form allows you to fill in the information you want to save in your NFC business card in the standardized vCard format.

Enter the information in the field, then press the next button on your phone’s keypad. You will be taken to the next field to enter.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Home phone
  • Home address
  • Work address
  • Company Name
  • Title
  • Website

You then have two options, either register in an NFC device or generate a vCard as a QR code.


How does NFC QR code Business card creation work with EviSwap

When you click on the EviSwap “QRCODE” button a window appears with a QR code and a “CLOSE” button.

This is a vCard QR code that is automatically generated based on the information entered in the form.
To close the display of this vCard QR code, simply click on the “Close” button.

This allows the user to control the time to display his Vcard QR code to share it with recipients.

How EviSwap Works for create the vCard with vcf extension by form

When you click on the “CREATION” button EviSmap automatically saves the information entered in the form in vCard format in the NDEF memory area of the NFC device.

After clicking on the “CREATION” button you present to the NFC antenna of your phone or computer with NFC technology with read & write.

A window will tell you that the recording is complete. Your NFC vCard is created. Everything is done in real time.

Then test your device to verify that the recording is done.


How EviSwap works vCard VCF Form easy real time create NDEF contactless vCard

When you create your NFC vCard via the form, it remains displayed completed. This allows you to either repeat the save operation or modify the form to add information or correct errors.

To make changes, simply edit the form, then press the “CREATE” button. Thus, the Vcard data previously contained in the NFC device will be replaced by the new one with the information you have modified.

This is the advantage of real time. As long as the form remains completed to create, modify, display your vCards.