Effortless Connections, Enhanced Security: Streamline Your Organization’s Web Automation

Empower your workforce with effortless one-click logins to critical applications and secure SSH access. Eliminate time wasted on manual logins and password resets. PassCypher Engine’s secure auto-login feature and integrated SSH key management enhance productivity and strengthen enterprise security by eliminating compromised credentials.

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Effortless Logins: Boost Productivity & Security

  • Free yourself from repetitive login tasks.
  • Focus on what matters and accomplish more in less time.
  • Reduce Errors & Account Lockouts.
  • Enjoy optimal fluidity in your web browsing and automated workflows.
  • Strengthen password hygiene: Eliminate the risk of weak or reused passwords.
  • Reduce security risks: Eliminate phishing attempts through single sign-on capabilities.
  • Boost employee morale: Reduce frustration and wasted time associated with login issues
  • Simplify onboarding for new employees: Streamline the login process for new hires.
  • Minimize IT support costs: Reduce help desk tickets related to password resets.
  • Effortless SSH key generation and security: Generate secure SSH key pairs directly in the PassCypher engine. Add passphrases for added protection and easily export keys to the storage media of your choice.
Laptop screen displaying PassCypher PGP HSM interface, a browser-based encrypted password manager
New Password Manager HSM PGP Severless & Databaseless

PassCypher Engine

PassCypher Engine is a revolutionary software solution that revolutionizes web automation. Powered by Freemindtronic’s EviEngine technology, PassCypher Engine offers unmatched security, efficiency, and flexibility to meet the needs of professionals and businesses.

First innovation: Anonymity activation

Activate your license in under 5 seconds with the PassCypher Engine, ensuring complete anonymity. This process relies on a physical component of your computer rather than your personal identity, eliminating the need for account creation or self-identification.

Innovative Cyber Licenses

Benefit from a next-generation cyber license with PassCypher Engine. An innovative solution without personal identification, server, or database, for ephemeral, annual, and lifetime licenses, with complete security and anonymity.

PassCypher Engine Licensing

Feature Values
License Type Ephemeral, Annual, Lifetime, Custom
Duration 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 2 years, Lifetime
Identification Anonymous, hardware-based
Server and Database Serverless, Databaseless, Accountless
Sensitive Data Storage Multi-storage devices (USB keys, SSD, SD, CD, cloud, NAS, etc.) at user’s choice
Browser Compatibility Browsers based on Chromium and Firefox guarantee broad accessibility
Features Segmented key management, encrypted container paths, GIT and SSH interaction
Multiple Users Supported, via Google, Edge or Firefox accounts
Environmental Impact Reduced, low energy consumption

PassCypher Engine Licencing: Key Takeaways

  • Unprecedented Security: Protect your data with advanced encryption, secure key management, and robust authentication.
  • Complete Privacy: No personal identification required, ensuring your anonymity.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Choose from a variety of license types and durations to suit your needs.
  • Tailored Solutions: Contact us for customized licensing options.

Unleash the Power of Next-Generation Cyber Protection with PassCypher Engine

Experience unparalleled security and flexibility with PassCypher Engine’s groundbreaking licensing model. Unlike traditional solutions that rely on personal identification, servers, and databases, PassCypher Engine offers an innovative approach:

  • Unmatched Security: Protect your privacy and eliminate the risk of data breaches. Rest assured that your personal information remains confidential.
  • Serverless and Databaseless Architecture: Enjoy unmatched security with a decentralized infrastructure. Eliminate central attack points and vulnerabilities.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Choose the license that best suits your needs:
    • Ephemeral: Per hour, day, or month.
    • Annual: Per year or per two years.
    • Lifetime: One-time purchase for lifetime protection.
    • Custom: Contact us for customized licensing options.
  • Unrivaled Security and Flexibility: Benefit from robust encryption, secure key management, and advanced authentication mechanisms. Enjoy the freedom to choose the license type and duration that best suits your needs.

PassCypher Engine: The Future of Cyber Protection

Embrace a new era of cybersecurity with PassCypher Engine’s innovative licensing model. Experience unmatched security, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Revolutionize your approach to cyber protection with PassCypher Engine.

In-depth Comparison: SSO vs. PassCypher Engine

PassCypher Engine stands out for its simple configuration, universal compatibility, and innovative centralization. The following comparison table highlights these key advantages:

SSO vs. PassCypher Engine

Feature SSO PassCypher Engine
Principle Centralized single sign-on Serverless and database-free password management
Centralization Identity provider’s server Containers on the user’s device
Third-party trust Identity provider User themselves
Multi-support storage Possible, but generally limited Integrated and flexible
Media compatibility Limited Universal (USB keys, SSD, SD, CD, cloud, NAS, etc.)
Encryption Dependent on the identity provider Customizable by the user
Cyber resilience Limited High availability
Ease of use Simple Simple configuration and integration
Cost Varies by vendor Included in the single license
Innovation Traditional approach Innovative and disruptive approach

Advantages of PassCypher Engine

  • Increased security and privacy: No reliance on a third party, data stored locally.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Works with all types of storage and infrastructure.
  • Control and sovereignty: The user retains full control of their data.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO): Affordable one-time license with no additional costs.

TCO of PassCypher Engine is lower than SSO for several reasons:

  • Single license: PassCypher Engine requires only a single one-time license for an unlimited number of users, while SSO solutions typically charge per user or per year.
  • No recurring costs: Unlike SSO solutions that have monthly or annual subscription fees, PassCypher Engine does not require any additional fees after the license purchase.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs: PassCypher Engine does not require any servers or additional infrastructure, which reduces operational costs.

Use cases:

  • SSO: Suitable for organizations that prioritize ease of use and already have an identity provider in place.
  • PassCypher Engine: Ideal for organizations that place a high value on data security and privacy, or that need a flexible and resilient solution.

Zero Knowledge & Trust: Take back control of your passwords

Forget traditional password managers and weak master passwords! PassCypher Engine ushers in a new era of password security with an advanced Zero Knowledge & Zero Trust approach.

No more master passwords, but robust segmented key authentication:

PassCypher Engine vs. Competitors

Feature PassCypher Engine Competitors
Architecture Decentralized, serverless, and database-free Centralized, with servers and databases
Password Storage Local, on your chosen devices (USB drives, SSDs, etc.) Stored on remote servers
Encryption AES-256 CBC with PGP, strengthened by segmented keys Various encryption algorithms available, typically less robust
Authentication Segmented key authentication, native MFA Master password authentication, MFA often optional
Zero Knowledge True Zero Knowledge, no passwords are ever stored Does not achieve Zero Knowledge, master passwords are known and stored
Zero Trust No central attack point, robust and secure architecture Centralized architecture more vulnerable to attacks
Serverless Zero Trust Distributed infrastructure eliminates single point of failure Centralized servers create vulnerabilities
User Control Complete control over keys and data User control limited by centralized architecture
Ease of Use Intuitive and automated interface Interfaces vary, some may be less user-friendly
Compatibility All browsers and operating systems Compatibility varies across competitors
  • Zero Knowledge: PassCypher Engine eliminates password storage entirely, relying solely on segmented keys.
  • Zero Trust & Serverless Zero Trust: You control your data and encryption keys, with no central servers or databases vulnerable to attack. Distributed infrastructure further strengthens security.
  • Passwordless: Eliminate the need for a master password and its inherent risks.
  • Databaseless: No databases to be compromised, minimizing attack vectors.

PassCypher Engine: A Multi-Layered Approach to Unparalleled Security

Forget traditional password managers with their inherent vulnerabilities! PassCypher Engine redefines password security with a groundbreaking combination of five key principles: Zero Knowledge, Zero Trust, Passwordless, Databaseless operation, and Serverless Zero Trust.

Zero Knowledge

Passwordless Convenience:

  • Ditch the master password: Eliminate the risk of password compromise entirely.
  • Segmented key authentication: Access your data through randomly generated, segmented keys you control on separate devices.
  • True Zero Knowledge security: Only you possess the complete keyset, ensuring ultimate confidentiality.

Zero Trust

Databaseless Architecture:

  • Eliminate central attack points: No databases mean fewer security risks.
  • Hybrid HSM encrypted containers: Store your data securely on local devices (USB drives, SSDs) using AES-256 CBC encryption within Hybrid Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).
  • Decentralized control: You are the sole guardian of your keys and data, never relinquishing control.

Serverless: Applications Without a Single Point of Failure

  • Distributed infrastructure: PassCypher Engine leverages serverless architecture, eliminating the need for a central server to manage user data or authentication. This minimizes the attack surface and prevents breaches through server vulnerabilities.
  • Zero Trust in action: Every interaction requires individual verification using your segmented keys, upholding the principle of “least privilege” and preventing unauthorized access even if a portion of the infrastructure is compromised.

Experience the Power of this Multi-Layered Security

  • Unmatched protection: Benefit from the combined strength of Zero Knowledge, Zero Trust, Passwordless operation, databaseless architecture, and Serverless Zero Trust.
  • Enhanced privacy: Your confidential information remains on your chosen devices, never on external servers.
  • Optimal performance: Enjoy smooth and efficient access to your passwords.
  • Seamless user experience: No more struggling with complex master passwords. PassCypher Engine automates everything for your convenience.

By incorporating Serverless Zero Trust, PassCypher Engine offers an extra layer of security against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Cyber ​​Safe HSM PGP Hybrid

PassCypher Engine: Your Impenetrable Fortress in the Cyber Realm

Shield your critical data from ever-evolving cyber threats with PassCypher Engine, a groundbreaking security solution that integrates Cyber Resilience, Cybersecurity, Cyber Defense, and Cybersafety.

Your Ultimate Defense Against Cyberattacks

  • Disaster Recovery Made Easy: Retrieve your data instantly in case of device loss, regardless of the cause, with easy access to duplicate encrypted containers stored on various media.
  • Absolute Control and Confidentiality: Maintain complete ownership of your sensitive data with Zero Trust architecture and segmented keys, ensuring you are the sole proprietor of your digital vault’s keys.
  • Effortless Security Management: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that simplifies password and data management, making security effortless.
  • Unrivaled Cybersecurity: Benefit from robust, multi-layered protection featuring AES-256 CBC encryption reinforced by PGP, segmented keys, and a Zero Trust architecture to minimize attack surfaces.
  • Advanced Cyber Defense: Protect yourself from a range of threats with features like password compromise verification, an integrated sandbox to block phishing attempts, automatic suppression of redirect iframes to prevent MITM attacks, and URL confidentiality.
  • Enhanced Cybersafety: Implement robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) with your segmented keys, maintain complete control over your containers and keys, and access valuable resources to stay informed and proactive about cybersecurity best practices.

PassCypher Engine empowers you with comprehensive protection against cyber threats

Instant Access in Case of Disaster

  • Retrieve your data immediately in case of device loss, regardless of the cause (theft, failure, ransomware, etc.).
  • Simply indicate the location of the duplicate containers to PassCypher Engine for instant use.
  • Save the access path for even faster one-click access.

Absolute Control and Confidentiality

Maintain full control over your sensitive data and be the sole owner of your digital vault’s keys, thanks to Zero Trust architecture and segmented keys.

Unrivaled Usability and Intuitive Design

Enjoy a user-friendly and accessible interface for simplified management of your passwords and data.

Your Cyber Domain, Your Rules

With PassCypher Engine, take complete control of your digital security and navigate the cyber realm with confidence.

Dive into the four pillars of our solution

Cyber Resilience:
  • Duplicate your encrypted containers and store them on various physical and digital media, including email attachments as .json files encrypted with AES-256 and PGP.
  • Guaranteed continuity of use: Access your data in a few clicks, regardless of the cause of your device loss.
  • Benefit from robust encryption (AES-256 CBC) reinforced by PGP for optimal data security.
  • Segmented keys for advanced protection: Reduce compromise risks by fragmenting your security keys.
  • Zero Trust architecture: Minimize attack surfaces and eliminate single points of entry.
Cyber Defense:
  • Password compromise verification: PassCypher Engine utilizes the “Have I Been Pwned” database to check if your passwords have been compromised.
  • Integrated sandbox: The integrated sandbox analyzes encrypted URLs within containers to block autofill and auto-login in case of typosquatting and phishing.
  • Protection against BITB attacks: The automatic suppression system of redirect iframes protects against “Man-in-the-Middle” (MITM) attacks.
  • URL confidentiality: The encryption of login URLs within containers ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Native MFA (multi-factor authentication) in PassCypher Engine: Utilize your segmented keys for enhanced multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Total control over your containers and segmented keys: Be the sole holder of your security keys.
  • Resources to strengthen your security posture: Access information and training on cyberculture, digital security, new technologies, and use cases to enhance your knowledge and protect yourself from cyber threats.

Take your digital security to the next level with PassCypher Engine.

Secure SSH Key Generation with PassCypher Engine

Protect your SSH connections with robust, custom keys

PassCypher Engine integrates an advanced SSH key generator for optimal security of your remote connections. Choose the encryption algorithm that suits your needs and generate unique and secure SSH keys.

PassCypher Engine: Competitive Advantage

PassCypher Engine: Key Takeaways:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Generate SSH keys directly within PassCypher Engine.
  • Unparalleled Security: Benefit from robust encryption, algorithmic flexibility, and optional HSM storage for maximum protection.
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Secure Your Remote Access with Effortlessly Generated SSH Keys

Elevate your cybersecurity posture with PassCypher Engine’s built-in SSH key generator. Traditional passwords are increasingly vulnerable in today’s threat landscape. SSH keys offer a robust alternative, providing secure authentication for remote connections.

Effortlessly Generate Unique SSH Keys

PassCypher Engine simplifies SSH key management, allowing you to:

  • Generate unique keys directly within the application: Eliminate the need for juggling multiple tools and streamline your workflow.

Enhance SSH Security with Multiple Options

Protect your SSH keys with robust encryption and multiple security features:

  • Strong password and decryption key file: Ensure a high level of protection against unauthorized access.
  • Optional HSM storage: Leverage EviSSH technology from Freemindtronic to store your keys in a secure Hardware Security Module (HSM) for ultimate physical theft and unauthorized access protection.

Choose the Optimal Encryption Algorithm for Your Needs

PassCypher Engine offers flexibility in choosing the encryption algorithm that best suits your requirements:

  • RSA (4096, 3072, or 2048 bits): The industry standard, offering unparalleled security and broad compatibility.
  • ECDSA (521, 384, or 256 bits): A modern alternative to RSA, providing comparable security with a smaller key size for faster generation and transfer.
  • Ed25519 (256 bits): A state-of-the-art algorithm offering exceptional security and seamless compatibility with modern SSH clients.

Integrated Ecosystem for Optimal Security

PassCypher Engine fosters a secure environment by offering:

  • Password manager integration: Generate and store a strong password for your SSH key directly within PassCypher Engine’s password manager.
  • Seamless Git integration: Utilize your SSH keys for effortless authentication with your Git repositories.

Services that Utilize SSH Keys for Authentication

  • GitHub: Allows developers to connect to Git repositories via SSH.
  • GitLab: Similar to GitHub, it also offers SSH authentication for Git repositories.
  • Bitbucket: Another code management service that utilizes SSH authentication.
  • Cloud Providers: Many cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure use SSH for server access.

PassCypher Engine: Competitive Advantage

Beyond robust SSH key management, PassCypher Engine provides:

  • Intuitive interface: Experience a user-friendly interface for quick and easy key creation and management.
  • Strong Password and Decryption Key File: Ensure a high level of security with a strong password and a separate decryption key file.
  • Optional Hardware Security Module (HSM) Storage: Leverage EviSSH technology from Freemindtronic to store your keys in a secure HSM like the EviKey NFC HSM USB drive. This adds an extra layer of protection against physical theft and unauthorized access.

By leveraging PassCypher Engine’s SSH key generation and management features, you gain a comprehensive solution for securing your remote access.

PassCypher Engine Licensing pricing structure

Password Manager – Passphrase – SSH Key Generator – Autofill – Auto login – Anti phishing – Serverless – Databaseless

Ephemeral Licenses

Flexible Protection for Short-Term Needs

Ephemeral licenses offer temporary access to PassCypher Engine’s robust security features, perfect for short-term projects or one-time needs. Choose the duration that best suits your requirements:

  • Minute
  • Hours
  • Hours
  • Month

Password Manager
SSH Key Generator
Auto login
Anti phishing

0.09 / minute

4 / hour

7 € / day

10 € / month

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Annual licence

Peace of Mind for Year-Round Protection

Annual licenses provide reliable, cost-effective security for your sensitive data throughout the year. Choose from one or two-year plans to suit your needs:

  • One Year
  • Two Years

Password Manager
SSH Key Generator
Auto login
Anti phishing

99 € / One Year

168 € / Two Years

Start now

Lifetime licence

Unparalleled Security, One-Time Purchase

Our lifetime license offers unparalleled security and peace of mind for a single upfront payment. Enjoy all the benefits of PassCypher Engine without the hassle of recurring subscriptions:

  • One-Time Purchase

Password Manager
SSH Key Generator
Auto login
Anti phishing

420 € / Lifetime

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Custom Licenses

Tailored Security Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Our custom licenses are tailored to meet unique business security needs, enabling feature selection for optimal PassCypher Engine performance.

  • Advanced features and functionality tailored to your specific needs
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Scalable solutions for growing businesse

Benefit from Freemindtronic’s R&D office to adapt and customize PassCypher Engine to specific needs.

Price request