Version 1.0 – January 2021

EviDNS is hereinafter referred to as the “SOFTWARE”

This Privacy Policy explains:

    i. How FREEMINDTRONIC® SL “FREEMINDTRONIC®”, “we”, “our” or “our” will read, collect, use and / or store information relating to your use of the SOFTWARE.

    ii. How to contact us.

Please read this Privacy Policy and indicate whether you agree to its terms.

This Privacy Policy supplements any other privacy policies applicable to your interactions with any FREEMINDTRONIC® affiliate, subsidiary, product, software or service.

1. About the SOFTWARE

EviDNS software allows you to quickly find terminals connected to local networks using Freemindtronic® EviToken technology. By Terminals we mean telephones incorporating NFC (contactless) technology. This SOFTWARE is developed to achieve a better user experience for Linux, IoS and Microsoft operating systems. The SOFTWARE allows users, without special skills, to automatically connect their NFC terminal to a computer network via the EviToken extension for web browsers. The SOFTWARE is developed for several Linux, Microsoft and Apple operating systems. The SOFTWARE user therefore expects it to be automatically functional.

2. The information collected by the SOFTWARE is intended only for terminal applications and the EviToken extension for internet browsers.

The SOFTWARE does not collect, transfer or save any information or personal data.

The SOFTWARE uses the information collected only to identify the local IP addresses and port numbers of NFC terminals connected to local networks.

The technology used to collect this information is the Zeroconf DNS-SD. Zeroconf or zero-configuration networking is the generic name for a set of protocols that automatically create an IP network that can be used without special configuration.

3. Purposes for which the FREEMINDTRONIC® SOFTWARE may use the information mentioned in Section 2 subject to the laws in force, for the following purposes:

  1. Provision of services and supply of products

Provide you with the SOFTWARE services as described above.

  1. Development and manufacture of products and service (s)

Enhance the user experience of products and services embedding FREEMINDTRONIC® EviToken technology. On the basis of the SOFTWARE, other services can be developed by FREEMINDTRONIC® on specifications. These new features are also subject to this privacy policy.

  1. Respect and compliance

Ensure compliance with the terms of use of the SOFTWARE and this Privacy Policy.

  1. Updates and development

Updating the SOFTWARE is free while the development of new additional services remains expensive.

  • Advertising and communication

The SOFTWARE is anonymous. It has no communications system for advertising and / or marketing purposes.

  • Assistance service

The support service also does not collect any information from the SOFTWARE. For assistance, you should use the contact form or use the FAQ available on the website

  • To store, use or communicate the information described above in Section 2 together with information collected through other software from FREEMINDTRONIC® (“Linked Information”) for the purposes set out in i, ii, iii, iv, v. and vi of Section 3. Please note that FREEMINDTRONIC® has no possibility of using the linked information outside the primary purposes of its collection.

Your use of the SOFTWARE constitutes acceptance of the use by FREEMINDTRONIC® of the information collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy, under the conditions of Section 2 and for the aforementioned purposes. If you do not agree to the use of your information for the aforementioned purposes, you may not use the SOFTWARE.

4. Who else has access to your information?

The aforementioned information may not be communicated to companies affiliated with FREEMINDTRONIC® and to third parties.

5. Security control measures

Although FREEMINDTRONIC® strives to protect the collection of information by implementing security control measures, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to us through the SOFTWARE or stored on your systems.

7. Our policy towards children

FREEMINDTRONIC®’s EviDNS SOFTWARE does not collect, save or use any personal data, including that which may belong to children. (Children’s Internet Privacy Act) in the United States, and any local laws in effect in other jurisdictions.

Although this SOFTWARE does not collect any personal data, you must, if you are a child, obtain permission from your parents or legal guardian to use this SOFTWARE. If a parent or guardian finds out that their child has provided us with personal data without their permission, they should contact us as set out below. A fundamental principle of FREEMINDTRONIC® is that we refrain from collecting information from children.

8. Rights to respect for private life (including the rights to privacy provided for by the Andorran civil code)

In certain countries, including the countries of the European Economic Area, you have certain rights with regard to the personal data concerning you held by FREEMINDTRONIC®. In particular, you have the right to request a copy of the personal information concerning you held by FREEMINDTRONIC® and/or to request the correction, modification, deletion or blocking of any inaccurate personal data. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact FREEMINDTRONIC® as indicated below.

To contact the person responsible for the management of personal information, please use the online contact form. You can also send us a letter by post. Our contact is mentioned below.

9. Changes to this EviDNS Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised at any time. We will post the revised version, with an indication of the revision date, on the following site:

10. To contact us

In accordance with local legislation, residents of any country can contact FREEMINDTRONIC® SL to:

  1. request access to the information that “we” (FREEMINDTRONIC) keep,
  2. request to modify said information,
  3. withdraw prior consent and / or
  4. object to the processing of information based on legitimate grounds.

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