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EviCypher technology exhibition: Come and meet us at Eurosatory 2022 Paris to discover and try out our various safety and cyber security technologies between 13 and 17 June 2022. Don’t forget to register for free to visit the world’s leading land and air defence and security exhibition.

EviCypher technology exhibition

Exhibition of EviCypher technology: Discover in videos the countless uses, technical possibilities and customization of the technology adaptable to the needs of our customers.

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EviCypher Technology

Remote and nearby sharing

In this video you will find out first how to share secrets face-to-face. Then how to share secrets remotely using RSA encryption.

The secret will be encrypted with the recipient’s public key.

Remote and nearby sharing


This video shows you how works the autofill to connect to websites.

Use the credentials saved in your NFC Hardware Security Module, here an EviCypher card.

Username and password are automatically autofilled and you just have to click to connect.


Contactless Encryption and Decryption

This video see you how to encrypt and decrypt files and texts in emails.

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Contactless Message Encryption

Encrypt & decrypt 


The EviCypher technology allows to save, manage and use the two-factor authentication (2FA) security via OTP & HOTP.

In this Evicypher Technology Exhibition video you will see how to create and save an OTP label in the EviCypher card;

Then, use the OTP to authenticate and connect to Github account.

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Contactless OTP Manager



EviKey: Rugged Secured contactless NFC USB Stick

The Evikey technology allows to contactless unlock physically the data storage media such as a USB key or a SSD which embeds this technology.

This autonomous technology is compatible with the EviCypher technology. This considerably increases the possibilities of setting up multi-factor authentication by adding trust criteria.

In this video see how to create a label with a specifical geographical area of use. If you are not in the right place, it will be impossible to unlock the device for example.

Then you could see how to unlock the device with an EviCypher card using a label allowing the unlock.

At the end, you can see that we try to unlock the device with the restricted area label. It’s not possible to unlock if you are not in the right place. 

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EviKey technology

evikey usb  stick: add trust criteria to restrict ability to unlock the device