UL94 V-0

The UL94 TEST is the standard applied by the American Underwriters Laboratories to test the flammability and fire safety of plastics used in various equipment and applications. The UL 94 HB (Horizontal Burning) test of this standard burns a sample of plastic placed horizontally, and the more demanding UL 94V (Vertical Burning) test burns a vertical sample. Details of the equipment required and a detailed description of the test are given in the UL 94 standard. The material tested is classified as UL94 V-0 if :

A) None of the five samples burns for more than 10 seconds after the burner flame is removed.
B) The total burn time over the 10 tests does not exceed 50 seconds.
(C) None of the samples tested burns, either with a flame or by incandescence, to the holding jaw.
D) No glowing drops, which could ignite the cotton underneath, fall from any sample.
(E) No sample has a glow time exceeding 30 seconds.

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