Electrical and electronic equipment deteriorates or malfunctions when water and/or dust enters the device. Similarly, when equipment is subjected to mechanical and/or thermal stress. The CEI has developed Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, which assess the resistance of equipment to dust and/or liquid intrusion and/or shock. The ratings are widely used in industry. If you are […]


The Shore hardness scale measures the hardness of elastomers, certain plastics, resins and other materials. There are actually twelve Shore measurement scales, including SHORE D for hard materials. The Shore scale ranges from 0 to 100, from soft to hard. Shore D indicates a very high level of hardness close to steel. For more information click […]

UL94 V-0

The UL94 TEST is the standard applied by the American Underwriters Laboratories to test the flammability and fire safety of plastics used in various equipment and applications. The UL 94 HB (Horizontal Burning) test of this standard burns a sample of plastic placed horizontally, and the more demanding UL 94V (Vertical Burning) test burns a […]