IRDR delete BITB (Browser-In-The-Browser Attack)

The BITB (Browser-In-The-Browser) attack makes phishing almost invisible until Iframe Redirect Detection and Removal (IRDR) is implemented in EviCypher

mr.d0x highlighted in 15th March 2022 a new phishing technique that bypasses the sole verification of a website’s original URL. This is called “browser-in-the-browser”. It consists of creating by simulating a window in your web browser but inside the browser in real time. This is to spoof for example the authentication information (usernames and passwords) on a legitimate domain. Extremely effective, very difficult to detect, it allows the cybercriminal to carry out very convincing phishing attacks.

How it works


To use the free Iframe Redirect Detection and Removal (IRDR) feature of the EviCypher extension, you need the following:
– A web browser for Chromium-based computer such as Chrome.
– Enabling BITB (Browser-in-the-Browser) feature
That’s all!

A window will be displayed as soon as the rediction iframe is detected. You will have different choices.

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Step Two

Detection of redirections

Auto-detection of redirect links with real-time link display

Step One

BITB Activate Buttom

Click on the button to activate the automatic detection of redirects by iframe

Step Three

Destroy ifram

Just click the destroy button to remove the redirect iframe



What is the browser-in-the-browser attack?

Browser-In-The-Browser attack origine

Browser-In-The-Browser Templates


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